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AVACS Live Chat

AVACS Live Chat is an easy way to meet people and build friendships with other users from all around the world. Although it has a simple design, you can use this application to join chatrooms all around the world and talk about different interests with other people.

On AVACS Live Chat, you can select any location in the world to talk with people from other places. This offers a wealth of possibilities for having conversations with hundreds of people every day. In other users' profiles, you can see their location, marital status, and birth date. There are also other features in the application like the photo of the day and popular photo albums.

AVACS Live Chat lets you register without providing any personal data, so you can remain anonymous and only give the information that is absolutely necessary.

Do you want to meet people or learn more about a certain topic? Try AVACS Live Chat and have fun!

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A great chatting app, Old public chat rooms, anonymous users and cool avatars, Just what I need. The best social app I ever used, I recommend this app as a good time killer.



Hidden Super Moderator

Wow simply an awesome app, I love avatars and playing games here, People say its addictive and there's nothing bad in that, Keep going guys and thank you developers.



Super Moderator

Its a nice app i am using it since 2017 and had much fun, Thanks for the great social app and its different from other apps, i am sure everyone will like it, 5 stars for best social app.



Senior Moderator

It's a really nice app i am using from last 4 years, I have left this app but nice experience i got and also found nice and good friends here, Thanks for the support from AVACS app.


Sarah Mazur

Senior Moderator

It's been 6 years ups down experience using this apps, and after all, i realize that i love my friends here, Such amazing friends from variety culture, they makes this apps worthy.


Ruksana Bita

Senior Moderator

This is a really good app just to talk to random people online and the community is good too plus there's so many different things you can do on this app which I love so much.


Don Know

Senior Moderator


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