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How do i become a Super Moderator on chat


Hey My dearest friends! As you see many users ask about how to become a Super Moderator in AVACS Live Chat, i think all users want to become Super Moderators LOL, yeah the should get thier choice but there are some things for them to do, so i have bring you some tips from RUBY which was a Super Moderator from romania and Dr.Vahid who is top user in chat now, comments, i hope you will understand that how to become SM,

Ruby: so…u wanna be moderator or supermoderator?..if u wanna be a mod…then u must have some friends who will support u..in becomming one…and to be polite with other users…etc…and then someone will see all that..and i’m sure someone will help u…if u wanna become an SM…without voting yourself…as sm..u must..make advertising for avacs…(make other ppl…to visit..and chat on avacs…at least 10-15 new users…it’s about increasing number of users in your room…i mean the room u wanna become SM…and to tell admin about all the steps u are making in becoming an sm) GOOOD luck.

Dr.vahid: -5-6 month before, i sent a msg to admin and SAID:I want to become 1 of SM in my 2nd HOME “avacs” !He said:JUST GIVE BIG HELP TO DEVELOP YOUR 2ND HOME!. 
So now if you Wanna be supermoderator?
2.invite m0re users to avacs.

3.bec0me your c0untry’s merchant.
4.give m0re ideas or plan f0r develop avacs… upload avacs in m0re webpages, and etc.
5. and other works.
give time t0 admin.in that time u must d0 m0re w0rk f0r devel0p avax. everydaysend rep0rt 0f ur w0rk t0 admin.it’s true that he is busy. but he read all msg.

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